S’poreans gratefully thank Underwater World Singapore for ensuring pink dolphin only has skin cancer

Posted on 28 October 2014

It could have been much worse if the animal had many other life-threatening ailments.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are against animal cruelty but still enjoy eating chicken, duck, pork and beef, are profusely thanking Underwater World Singapore for their care of pink dolphins.

This after it was reported that one of the female pink dolphins, named Han, has developed skin cancer while in captivity.

This led to Underwater World Singapore to assure the public that other than skin cancer, the pink dolphin is in good health.

In response, Singaporeans say they are thankful no other major diseases and illnesses have ravaged the pink dolphins that are supposed to be wild and free to live their lives, but are instead found in captivity.

Mei Liang Xing, a local, said: “Singaporeans would like to thank Underwater World Singapore for taking such good care of the pink dolphins.”

“Thank goodness they only have skin cancer. It could have been been so much worse. Imagine if they had AIDS, heart attack, diabetes and even pneumonia.”

“What would we do without Underwater World Singapore taking such good care of the wild animals by keeping them in captivity to perform for humans to generate revenue?”


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