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NSman’s grandmother signs up for SAF Volunteer Corps with Naval Diving Unit

Posted on 14 October 2014

My grandmother can really run faster, swim further and jump higher than you.


An NSman’s 90-year-old grandmother has not only become Singapore’s first person to sign up for the SAF Volunteer Corps, she has also successfully managed to get selected into the Naval Diving Unit, one of the toughest vocations in the whole of the military.

The old lady, who scored 85 points when she completed the new three-station IPPT introduced in July 2014, said she is unfazed by the training requirements because she is as tough as Singaporean men.

Lau Ah Ma, the grandmother, said: “I took the three-station IPPT in July and passed with flying colours. I am glad the military has lowered the fitness standard of passing by so much that it has easily allowed me to score close to full marks.”

“Honestly, I do worry about my pace because I am already so old. But I shall try my best to keep up with the NSFs serving National Service, by slowing down a bit more just to keep up with them.”

“Jokes aside, it’s great to see young men becoming Naval Divers and Commandos. Because really, there are only so many NSFs who can become clerks and drivers.”

To register for the volunteer corps, women, first-generation permanent residents and new citizens aged between 18 and 45, who are not liable for national service, will be able to sign up to serve from March next year.

Except foreigners, they can continue to live off the land with their children and accrue all the benefits without having to worry about this concept called National Service.


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