S’poreans impressed by M’sians’ Causeway protest, didn’t realise citizens had power

Posted on 04 August 2014

Valuable lesson from one neighbour to another.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have lived in fear and under subservient conditions, are eternally grateful to lorry drivers from Malaysia.

This after the Malaysian lorry drivers threatened to stage a protest at the Causeway against the recent toll hikes and cause similar massive jams just like what happened on Aug. 1, 2014, when Malaysian bus drivers parked their vehicles in protest, leaving traffic at a standstill resulting in economic stagnation.

Singaporean citizens said they were deeply impressed by this display of revolt, which showed that regular citizens had more power than they imagined and could wield huge amounts influence in policy-making.

And these actions greatly impressed Singaporeans because they never thought citizens had any rights.

One Singaporean, Hen Hum Ji, said: “I always had the impression that citizens are always the pushovers. What the government say, we must follow, or else…”

“This protest showed us that the Little Men can stick it to the Big Guy up there where it hurts because the citizens have power.”

Asked about whether he would take part in the protest to show solidarity with the Malaysians, he said: “No lah, no, I don’t want to protest. I leave it to the Malaysians. Other people can do it, not me. No, thanks.”

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