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Passing criteria for new 3-station IPPT revealed

Posted on 23 July 2014

New passing criteria will play to NSmen strengths.


Those taking IPPT can look forward to taking the test.

This after it was revealed that the traditonal 5-station IPPT that has tormented endless scores of grown men over the last few decades has been scraped to make way for a simpler 3-station test.

The simpler three stations will include just push-ups, sit-ups and 2.4km run.

There will also be more robust testing mechanisms implemented to play to the strengths of NSmen so they can pass the test in few ways.

One such method is to allow points earned from one station to be carried over into another station, so that those who are good in sit-ups can make up for running slower for the 2.4km timed run.

Then there will be an open auction market set up for these points to be traded, where bids for these points can be bought and sold according to free market principles.

Another method will allow NSmen to make use of both their fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles to their advantage.

The new passing criteria so far revealed are:

– Do 400 push-ups a minute or 10,000 push-ups in an hour

– Do 400 sit-ups a minute or 15,000 sit-ups in an hour

– Run 2.4km in 7 minutes and below to pass, 6 minutes and below to get five points

Supreme General of the Army, Jin Seow Onn, said: “When Mindef says we will streamline the IPPT from five stations to lesser stations, we mean it.”

“No, no, this is not tekkan. Not as if we confine you when you fail IPPT and cannot book out.”


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