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NSman’s grandmother gets 85 points taking the new 3-station IPPT

Posted on 24 July 2014

She says 90 points is possible with a bit of training.


An NSman’s 90-year-old grandmother had a go at the new three-station IPPT today and accumulated 85 points.

She did 55 sit-ups, 55 push-ups and completed her timed run in 12 minutes flat. Using the band for a 30-year-old in the scoring system, she accumulated 85 points.

The new three-station IPPT was put into place on July 23, 2014, after Singaporean men complained for years about it like the little bitch they are.

Lau Ah Ma, the grandmother, said: “It is good to see young men as fit as me and not using a walking stick to get around.”

“Some of these Singaporean NSmen need to do more standard push-ups as they are not the ones with saggy breasts.”

“Ya, this new 3-station IPPT is great. SAF can change its name to SAP — Singapore Armed Pussies.”


It’s still tough to pass IPPT:
Passing criteria for new 3-station IPPT revealed

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  • Firdy

    Written by a girl, why am I not surprised?

  • _l_ Wang Pei

    Fuck you

    • your mother cb

      go serve NS then talk la lao cb

      • xcvdf fgg

        serve like a dog, fuck you sinkie. So loyal

    • LOL

      juz to earn some vouchers lols ?

  • sanilim

    Can name it as Our Lau Ah Ma SAP for short lah


    SG Women, sitting around since 1956, fucking men up who give 30 years of their lives to serve the nation. fuck you wang pei

  • Ayy lmao

    Thank you for your opinion, so when are you serving NS?

    Oh wait you aren’t? Then quit bitching.

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  • Daryl Bay

    LOL! Talk is cheap la. Singapore armed forces, soldiers?

    1. Not all are born fit.
    2. Not all trained to be fit
    3. Not all trained to be a soldier
    4. Not Everyone wants to serve the nation- If by choice, given a choice NO FUCK SOUL WILL BE THERE TO EVEN TAKE THE IPPT. thanks. Apart from regulars, they like their job. Then its fine.

    • stockcham lee

      Some “regulars” don’t even love their jobs themselves, they are just in there for the “pay”. Typical jiak liao bees,

  • wahpiangxz

    Don’t spoil market hot please ahma!

  • Lao Ah Pek

    People actually took this post seriously? Wow… no wonder everyone is saying that Singaporeans are stupid.

  • Tsy Sing Yang

    someone post her pic on 9gag so we know :)

  • John

    Chill guys. It’s just a version of the favourite sergeant joke, “My grandmother can run faster than you”.

    • Fuck Wang Pei

      usually the posts are in better taste. this is shit.

  • fucking brainless wang ba dan

    Fuck u bitch

  • Mohd Danial

    50 % real news so other 50% is crap? i doubt it. heheh

  • dysfnctn

    Wang pei? More like Wang Pa Dan.

  • amc

    supposed wang pei is a china name

  • Conscription Time

    Song Bo! SG govt pls see this! This jus proves females can do it too! CONSCRIPT THEM NOW!

  • Muk Weng Sang Roy

    I can’t believe that everyone thinks this article was real. Newnation is satire website. Whatever you read is just jokes making fun of current trending things happening in SG.

  • Soh Chong Yang

    Liar Liar pants on fire!take 2.4Km run for instance.12min run for a 90year old grandma is impossible because Wang Pei grandma would be eligible to run for 42km standard chartered marathon gold medal in her age group Liao.

  • lololol132

    ur mum fucking die la


    Before say IPPT to hard, change alr say IPPT too easy.
    How to please anyone?

  • Internet-Anonymity Abuser

    Eh retards, this is a satire news site. go chillout with a cup of tea before you have an aneurism.

  • Rachel

    As a girl, I actually find “completed her timed run in 12 minutes flat” offensive considering for us 14 min is A

  • ejjeje

    go die lah author

  • kvdean

    Why not make some increment for passes, silver & gold .
    Pass = $250
    Silver= $500
    Gold= $800

    That part everyone will chiong!!

  • Goo

    Yeah. Guys in Singapore need to get their shit together and stop being pussies.

  • mama ayam

    as if she can run as fast as me _|_ whoever post this is a pussy too. keyboard warrior hide behind the computer screen

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  • Reporter

    This news is a spoof, don’t get serious about it.

  • MC C

    I ve to say that the new 3 stn ippt is only easier to get a pass because it has the point system but not necessary easier to score gold. Honesty, I have to do 58 push-ups in a minute, but it is humanly impossible to do 58 standard push-up under a minute if the chest has to be one fist the distance between the ground each time. Honesty, I challenge any ordinary reservist or trainer to prove me wrong. BTW, this article is a joke

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