National Library Board bans Harry Potter books, reaffirms commitment to pro-family stance

Posted on 09 July 2014

They will hunt down and eradicate all non-pro-family books.

By David Tan


In a bid to reaffirm its commitment to pro-family values, the National Library Board has announced that it will be removing all copies of the wildly popular Harry Potter books from its shelves, due to their promotion of non-traditional family values.

This move comes amidst growing calls by Singaporean conservatives for non-pro-family literature to be removed from library shelves.

Guy Montag, a spokesperson for the National Library Board, said: “Following a comprehensive review of our book collection, we have discovered that the Harry Potter series contains material that conflicts with our pro-family stance, especially since Harry Potter rejects his heterosexual adoptive parents and instead adopts a homosexual wizard as a father figure.”

The father figure is commonly known in the Harry Potter series as Albus Dumbledore, the gay headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Montag added that other aspects of the series are also of great concern: “For example, the portrayals of crossbreeds like centaurs and half-giants in a positive light suggest that humans can have successful sexual relations with other species.”

“And the fact that a gay man can even be allowed near an entire school of children, much less employed as their headmaster, is to be condemned.”

With over five million books in the library’s collection, Montag said that they are devoting their best efforts toward eradicating any non-pro-family material from its shelves and that no book would be spared from scrutiny.

He added: “While our investigations are still at a very preliminary state, we have recently uncovered another very popular book that contains some strongly anti-family material, including a story about a king having sex with a married woman, as well as another story about a father almost murdering his son because his god told him to.”

“And there are a lot of stories about cutting of foreskin. What’s up with those?”


Singaporeans are good at getting around things:
Haze no match for S’porean ingenuity

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  • Duh

    You can either have a backbone or a brain, but not both it seems.

  • Duh

    Guy Montag…hahahaha

  • Madison Chua

    Don’t forget about that certain translated book that talks about a certain God advocating the Death of the First-Borns. Doesn’t sound pro-family to me.

  • Clement Chio

    The 5 Most Depraved Sex Scenes Implied by ‘Harry Potter’

  • Damien Ng

    And what’s wrong with having a gay headmaster? LOL

  • Dresden

    Bring on the firemen! #fahrenheit451

  • Jonathan Wong

    Mmmm why don’t they change the title to:
    “NLB now provides porn in children section as sex is not a dirty word.

    I think it is more funny.

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  • My God!

    Lord of the Ring, TRR Tolkien popular series, should also be junked. Reason being Sam and Frodo look like gay couple. They journey together, sleep together, and eat together. Sam even carried Frodo on his back and was willing to do anything for Frodo. Gosh!!! sound so GAY!!!. Churches, what do you think? I also noticed there were magazines about birds and fishes, those rainbow color animals….look so GAY too. In fact, PINK color should be banned from Singapore. They symbolised PINK DOT!

  • gilda revasseur

    this is so ridiculous. i’m ashamed to call myself a singaporean. how about eradicating close-minded assholes and stupid people such as those who run this library? pro-family my ass.

    • Celloey

      you are aware that this is newnation right?

  • jt

    Lies. Utter rubbish. Stop riding on the heat of the moment. Grow some real journalistic backbone.

    • Nazi Liberties Board

      read the website’s disclaimer before you criticise. and why don’t you grow a brain?

  • Stephen Lomantow

    wtf…… are you serious?

  • Grumpy middle aged woman

    We should definitely also get Sesame Street banned as Bert and Ernie sleep in the same bedroom. And don’t get me started on Snow White! She sleeps in the same bedroom as seven men! That’s not a lifestyle we should be promoting surely! 😉

  • Def

    Three words.

    What. The. Fuck.

  • RazorX

    This is ridiculous. Harry Potter is a series of good books. THey should not stop children from enjoying such good books. At the rate they are going, The Curious Incident Of The Dog in the Night Time will be gone simply because of Vulgarities.