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Andy’s father made $270 million betting on Germany

Posted on 14 July 2014

Family no longer needs to rely on CPF Life.


Andy’s father, the man who famously put his son’s entire savings on Germany winning the World Cup 2014, has made more than $270 million in profits.

The opening odds offered for Germany winning the World Cup before the tournament kicked off was $16 winnings for every dollar bet.

Andy’s father said: “I put my son’s entire $30,000 savings into it and I made $480,000 from that bet alone.”

The lion’s share of his winnings came from the other matches Germany played, as he adopted a double down strategy.

Andy’s father explained: “I put $200,000 of my own money on Germany winning each game and when I win, I’ll put all the money on Germany winning again.”

“And I even predicted correctly that Germany will draw with Ghana. For the group stage alone, I roughly made $15 million in one week.”

“Plus, I made additional bets on all the total goals scored correctly.”

“I would like to thank everybody’s support and prayers. I don’t need to rely on CPF handouts in the future anymore.”

“And I will be buying a fleet of 16 Mercedes Benz for my neighbours.”


Andy’s father’s streak continues unabated:

Andy’s father wins all of his relatives’ money at ban-luck during CNY gathering








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