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5 real reasons why more S’porean couples get divorced within 5 years of marriage

Posted on 02 July 2014

These are the basic primary facts that you cannot argue with.

It was reported in February 2014 that more married couples in Singapore are splitting up within the first five years of marriage.

Mountains of statistics have been presented and charlatans of all stripes have tried to break down the reasons for divorces into cookie cutter sound bites to explain why this is happening in Singapore now.

Some common refrains include spouses straying, the toilet seat is down or up at inopportune times and “Marriage is a lie!”, in general.

However, all these reasoning fail because they don’t go back to the primary source of divorces and are inadequate in explaining what is essentially a complex phenomenon with many facets to the issue.

Here are 5 real reasons why marriages in Singapore end in divorce:


1. Marriage


Some marriage advocates like to throw these divorce statistics around: 30 percent of divorces are the result of infidelity, 25 percent are due to different expectations and another 20 percent is because the toilet seat is not where it is supposed to be.

But did you know that 100 percent of all divorces are caused by marriage?

Marriage is the leading cause of divorce. In short, don’t get married and you will never get divorced.


2. Lawyers

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

One of the main leading causes of divorces in Singapore is because of lawyers.

Lawyers are the ones who take money from both spouses and facilitate the uncoupling.

Imagine a world where there are no lawyers. Just imagine that. Divorces would then become a fantasy as there is no one to finalise the papers.

The only way out would be to put a hit on your husband or wife.


3. Heterosexuality


This is another leading cause of divorce in Singapore.

This is what causes people to get together in the first place. Just because a man and a woman can “get with” each other for a few nights, it provides the false hope that matrimony is possible in the long haul.

Need more proof? Have you ever heard of gay people divorcing in Singapore?

Nope, me neither.


4. Darwinian evolution


If there is a primary cause for divorce, we cannot don’t look further than Charles Darwin.

The primary biological reason for males and females of all species to get together is the propagation of the species line.

And the mistake occurs when people think “propagation of genes” means “marrying you and being with you through sickness and in health” and when one spouse, or both, is/ are being a complete shit.

The point is: If species were not subjected to evolutionary pressures to procreate, they wouldn’t make the mistake of matrimony.


5. Gravity


Imagine a world where there is no gravity.

How would you think events will play out in this world? Do you think we will still be “intelligent life forms” that we claim ourselves to be?

Do you think this anthropomorphic view of reality can be perpetuated? What is consciousness? How did we get here?

Are we alone?

Therefore, it is because of gravity that we can stand on the ground without being blown about and knocked around. This is why getting married is also known as “settling down”.

If there was no gravity, there will be no marriage (point 1) and hence, there will be no divorce.

Therefore, it is gravity’s fault.


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