Wear White campaign organiser realises white is made out of gay colours

Posted on 29 June 2014

They are rethinking their campaign.

By David Tan


The Wear White campaigners made a shocking discovery today, so severe that it has forced the organiser to rethink their colour scheme.

This comes after one of the more learned campaigners, who paid attention in class last time, remembered that in one of the physics lesson, the color white is in fact made up of a combination of all seven constituent colours of the rainbow.

This color scheme is often referred to as the LGBT pride colours or also known as, “Unicorn vomit”.

The organiser, who made the discovery and who declined to be named, said: “I was listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, a band that has no relation to Pink Dot, I must add, when I noticed their album’s cover art.”

“This is very distressing news for us here at the Wear White campaign movement.”

However, he later added, in hindsight: “Actually, this shows just how insidious and evil the gay agenda is, to be incorporating their symbol into something as innocent as the colour white. I fear for the lives of children all around the world who are being brainwashed to accept the gay agenda due to their exposure to white light.”


Mixed messages by our prime minister:

PM Lee does the ‘A’ as in ‘YMCA’ one week after announcing S’pore not ready for gay marriage




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  • Joe Wong

    “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” – (Genesis 9:13)

    FYI, the Rainbow belongs to God, NOT LGBT.

    O Lord, my God!
    The wickedness from the past
    has corrupted our land;
    the evil ones demand human rights.
    They steal from your rainbow
    to display their gay pride.
    Like a little yeast works through
    the whole batch of dough,
    they begin with a pink dot 
    in the name of love, but is not.

    • Amused

      Who’s that God you speak of?

    • Man Above

      Dear son,

      Thank you for reaffirming to modern people that it was I who put the rainbow in the sky. Along with making woman from a man’s rib as well as a talking snake plus one very delicious apple tree. Since you heralded Myself with a wonderful poem, allow Me to return the gesture.

      At this time when the sun hang mid sky
      (because I put it there)
      I remember two days ago when I cried
      Homosexuals stole my colors and pride
      They took the word ‘gay’ and lied

      It was meant to describe the feeling of joy
      But instead now it’s the unholy combination of same sex loins
      Same goes with ‘pride’, another word they soiled
      All these atrocities, they must be destroyed!

      I call upon my followers, wielding their bibles
      To preach and hound non-believers, as though they are entitled
      Free these non-God-fearing people, from their Devil’s shackles
      For with your guidance, they shall see the light at the end of the KPE tunnel.

      Excuse thou feeble attempt at rhyming, it hath been a while.

      Man Above

  • daniel xu

    God is fictional. You don’t see bible in non-fictional section.

    • Molly J. Orman

      Actually yes, the bibles are kept in the religious section of the non-fiction section…. As are all other religious texts.

    • malcolm merlyn

      i don’t think you’ve been to a bookstore

  • daniel xu

    And by the way, rainbow is non-fiction. Go library and read.

    • Justsayin

      And by the way, the rainbow actually has 7 colours do take some time to read. The rainbow flag on the other hand is a fictional rainbow.

    • malcolm merlyn

      did your mother drop you when you were a kid?

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  • Ëçłípšè

    Fck off lah…who are you guys to stop from following thier own belief their own love life…just fck off and mind your own business.

  • Clarity

    Social media.. Do u even got these words from the organizer’s mouth?

    • whut

      Do you even satire?

  • AmazingAetheist

    If someone can give me 10 irrefutble proofs that god exist I’ll believe in him

    • malcolm merlyn

      why don’t you start by pulling ur head out of your ass

  • brainless beliver

    Just shit stirrer. Nothing else. U guys are dumb to follow. God say to love not to hate. Pastor say hate all the lgbt. LOL. You guys are more likely being brain wash. Comm’on to believe to trust but not to go crazy believing over whatever a pastor (just a human) talk without any sense and teaching u how to hate instead of love.

    • Alwyn Chan

      ppls liddat are usually out for something lor… MANY POLITICAL leaders use a common enemy to either unite or aggregate (political power)… so if a dude begin doing this and he’s got a following.. gotta watch out lor..last person to do this started WWII.. I believe his name was Adolf

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  • Alwyn Chan

    Pls hor… if you are reading this and you are in the whole Wear White thing… pls hor the person who originated this idea is not Christian lor but a Muslim teacher… LK anyhow plagarise ppls and no give credit for idea…

    ALSO lar…. note this hor..
    MANY POLITICAL leaders use a common enemy to either unite or aggregate
    (political power) … so if a dude begin doing this and he’s got a
    following.. gotta watch out lor..last person to do this started WWII.. I
    believe his name was Adolf

  • Gab Winter

    Singapore will never tolerate gays and perverted self-masturbators.

    Singapore have family values.

    Singapore is the greatest country in the world because it has great leaders, who understand that the rights of the majority is more important than the minority. We are a conservative society that will never accept LGBT lifestyle else they will turn all our children into LGBT and God will punish Singapore for it. The government should not interfere with the opinion of the majority, and it is our right as a conservative to discriminate and refuse to hire, or to serve LGBT people. Gay people can hide their gayness, but the chao ah guas in the “T” of LGBT is obvious, and they deserve to be kicked out of their home by their family and disowned and fired from their jobs until they repent. This is Singapore, cannot anyhow you know? Bue Sai!!! Else society will collapse.

    We should also punish the seed spilling wankers who practice perverted mono-sexual behavior, and keep them away from innocent children. promiscuous HIV spreading straight and gay people who engage in sex with more than one partners, leading promiscuous lifestyle choices should also be punished by the law. And those who divorce and commit adultery by remarrying too. But monosexualism seedspilling lifestyle of wankers is a greater sin and threat to the family and children. Porn is an evil perversion. We should stop spreading such deviant lifestyle choice of wankers and their perverted lifestyle choice of watching porn and engaging in self-pleasuring. Our society have no place for these seed-spilling narccistic monosexual wankers. The bible say that monosexualism is a sin, and seed-spillers should be strike by lightning. recall the story of Onan the seedspiller?

    Wanking and perverts who watch porn should be a crime for unnatural sexual act of perversion and be sent to 3 years jail minimum. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and his own hand! If I ever find that my child engage in unnatural monosexual acts, I will immediate disown him and kick him out of my home to become homeless. Monosexual and homosexual destroy family.

    Say no to LGBTM!!!! Wear white on pink dot day to symbolize clean bedsheets.

    God made Adam and Eve so that they can procreate. That is what sex is meant for. God did not design Adam’s hand nor his p**** for having monosexual sexual relationship with one another. A child deserve a father and a mother, not a father and his own hand! Sex for pleasure is a deviant act of seed-spilling perversion if it isn’t done with the intent to make babies. God ordered to mankind to be fruitful, not to spill seed in condoms or on the floor to be discarded like waste. That is an abomination that our conservative society should not tolerate!

    • Gab Winter

      One should also not forget the masturbators and the wicked who engage in other forms of lustful unnatural seedspilling acts that is not intended for procreation. They are sick and should be punished. Singapore should not be allowed to devolved into the next Sodom. No matter how good Singapore defense spending is, and how many NSF there are, no man can defend against the wrath and awesomeness of our mighty GOD. This is about our country’s security!

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