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Thai protestors decides to use just one finger to tell Junta what they should do to themselves

Posted on 04 June 2014

By Nyi Nyi

More happening than Tomorrowland

More happening than Tomorrowland

In the midst of the military crackdown on protestors using the three finger salute popularised by Hunger Games. A new salute has been designed to showcase the people’s feelings

The new salute involves a variation of the popular Hunger Games salute. However instead of three fingers, the index and ring finger will be kept down.

Juntasuck cantwatchporn, a 34 year old protestor of the military rule took credit for coming up with this new form of protest.

“I just remembered the sign I used when I get cut off by a driver without him giving me any signal. Or when someone is acting like an overbearing bully.”

“The idea that they are somehow doing this for anyone’s benefit other than their own is just…. I can’t even find the words.”

With that, Mr Cantwatchporn walked away while directing the salute at a nearby military officer.

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  • Juntasuck

    OMG, Junasuck Cantwatchporn 😀 Hilarious