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S’pore Zoo polar bear a victim of unfair, stereotypical body shaming

Posted on 24 June 2014

He feels pressured to live up to society’s expectation of what a bear should look like.


Inuka, the 23-year-old polar bear at the Singapore Zoo, is depressed.

This after online commenters were quick to judge his body, saying things like how he does not look like an ideal white fur-coated bear because he is green and covered with algae.

Inuka, speaking through a bear translator, said he is sad that Singaporeans are so superficial: “Why must people take photos of me and put it on Facebook and say things like ‘Ewww’ and ‘He’s so ugly’?”

A zoologist at the zoo said that bears in Singapore society these days are increasingly becoming victims of stereotyping and subjected to unhealthy expectations, as more Singaporeans watch cable channels like National Geographic and Discovery and see bears in idealised states in the wild or buy stuffed toys off the shelf.

Xiong Yi Sheng, a zoologist, said: “Singaporeans should be ashamed of themselves for forcing the bear to conform to unhealthy expectations and body types.”

“Just because your stuffed toy is nice and clean, doesn’t mean all bears must be nice and clean and smell like fabric.”

At press time, Inuka issued a statement saying Singaporeans who come and see him at his enclosure look nothing like Kate Moss and Don Draper, as they all are bespectacled, overweight and ugly, and most have bad teeth.


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