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Gay people key to promoting religious harmony: religious leaders

Posted on 27 June 2014

Homosexual person to lead inter-religious talks from now on


Scary boh?

Christian and Muslim extremists in Singapore have banded together in a historically unprecedented move.

Both senior pastor Lawrence Khong from the Faith Community Baptist Church, and the less famous Noor Deros, a 28-year-old Islamic religious teacher, have agreed to wear white this Saturday in opposition of the Pink Dot picnic in Hong Lim Park this Saturday afternoon.

As such, the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) in Singapore has decided to appoint a gay person as its head, in a symbolic move of unity.

“This is why there’s religious conflict in Malaysia,” said IRO spokesperson Ling Ling Long, a part-time Tang Ki. “Because they don’t have homos to frighten them into friendship.”

It is unclear, however, if the gay appointee to the IRO will be male or female. Rumours are abound that AMARE has been lobbying for a backdoor entry for their candidate and is likely to be successful in penetrating the organisation.

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