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S’poreans upset May Day protest showed S’poreans are not really that dissatisfied

Posted on 02 May 2014

They blame Hong Lim rally for blowing their cover and showing that Singaporeans are actually still okay.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are generally still okay with life in Singapore, are pointing their finger at Gilbert Goh, the organiser of the May Day protest rally at Hong Lim Park and blaming him for blowing their cover.

They are saying that the poor turnout for the protest held on May 1 at the Speakers’ Corner, which attracted only about 200 people, has served to show that Singaporeans are actually not that dissatisfied enough to turn up in larger, angrier numbers.

The small turnout has only served to blow the cover for the majority, who had hoped that the loud online opposition all these while, had successfully masqueraded as a real sentiment of dissatisfaction.

Now the authorities might not pander to the citizens as a result.

Pian Ren De, a local, said: “Judging by the miserable 200 protesters who attended, this is a terrible advertisement for the so-called dissatisfaction of Singaporeans.”

“For the last three years, the government and the silent majority have been convinced that Singaporeans, overall, are unhappy with the authorities and policies mandated.”

“Now the government know that all that unhappiness online is just fronting. This will undoubtedly weaken Singaporeans’ collective bargaining power.”

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  • anon

    I want nothing to do with the people declaring “WAR” on the pinoys celebrating their Independence Day in SG.