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S’poreans fall in love with PAP MP Inderjit Singh after he whack PAP in Facebook note

Posted on 28 May 2014

They urge him to start his own political party.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have been voicing their concerns online ad nauseam, have all simultaneously fallen in love with PAP MP Inderjit Singh.

This after the MP from Ang Mo Kio consolidated, reiterated and regurgitated all the things Singaporeans have expressed concern about over the past several years in one Facebook note that is essentially whacking the PAP:

Inderjit wrote about how Singaporeans are picking the shorter end of the stick while living in Singapore and said policies must be tweaked to realign the country’s values — essentially whatever has been said by Singaporeans repeatedly before.

Ying Leow Loh, a local, said: “Singaporeans for many, many years have already brought up all these issues online but they were brushed aside as noise.”

“Wah, so now PAP ownself whack ownself is considered newsworthy and everyone is paying attention?”

“Inderjit should start a new political party. He confirm will have a lot of followers and get all the votes one.”


Singaporeans love Singapore so much they changed her name to Lee Kuan Yew:
S’pore to be renamed Lee Kuan Yew next year

Singaporeans understand PAP MP Inderjit Singh’s meaning:
S’poreans console Inderjit Singh: ‘It’s ok, we know what you mean.’

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