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Environment Minister Vivian Balakrishnan to deliver bigger envelop to Indonesia this year to stop haze

Posted on 23 May 2014

This year’s envelop will be three times bigger than last year’s to be more effective.


In a bid to protect Singapore and fight off Indonesia’s haze, Environment Minister Vivian Balakrishnan will once again personally deliver a big envelop to Indonesia.

The catch? This year’s big envelop will be three times bigger than last year’s for more effectiveness.

One environment ministry spokesperson, Hen Duo Yan, said: “As you can tell, last year’s big envelop that was personally delivered to Indonesia by Vivian Balakrishnan was super effective. It helped to lower the PSI level to 401.”

“If not for the big envelop, the PSI level would have been 800 or more.”

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who saw the picture of the big envelop handed to their Indonesian counterpart, were impressed by the effectiveness of such big envelops in protecting Singapore from haze.

One Singaporean, Ho Long Tong, said: “The envelop is very effective in keeping the PSI level low.”

“I look out my window last year and cannot even see anything because the haze was very thick but when I see the PSI reading on the television and NEA website, all say less than 100 only.”

“Wah PSI reading really kept very low.”

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