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Anti-China Vietnamese protesters apologise to S’pore after wrongly setting fire to S’pore-run industrial parks thinking S’pore is in China

Posted on 14 May 2014

Lack of maps in Vietnam to blame for geographical misunderstanding.


Anti-China Vietnamese mobs, who set fire to factories in two Singapore-run industrial parks and trashed many more in southern Vietnam, have apologised to Singapore.

This after the anti-Chinese Vietnamese protesters mistakenly thought Singapore is in China.

They are angry over the recent deployment by China of an oil rig in disputed Southeast Asian waters.

VSIP Binh Duong industrial parks 1 and 2 are managed by a unit of Singapore’s Sembcorp Industries.

One anti-China Vietnamese protester, Thinc Yong An Yeurn, said that he is very, very solly about what happened: “I am very, very solly. I burn wrong building. I thought Singapore is in China. But after I pour the kerosene and burn the place down, I check the map again and think, ‘Oh shit, oh shit. Singapore is at the equator.'”

“I don’t have enough Vietnamese dong to give you. You can have some pho.”

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  • mel

    No lah u are wrong, the Vietnamese did not mistake singapore to be part of China… Its simply because the factories had too high a proportion of “foreign talents” that they thought its a China owned factory.