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Obama temporarily barred from Air Force One due to durian-breath

Posted on 29 April 2014

We ripped this story from here.

KUALA LUMPUR — US President Barack Obama was denied entry into the presidential plane Air Force One by the Secret Service after having some durians during his 3-day visit to Malaysia. He was reportedly stopped by his own security personnel at the aircraft door and  taken to a nearby airport VIP lounge where he could ‘decontaminate’ his mouth.

Obama escorted away by military personnel

Obama escorted away by military personnel

A Secret Service spokeswoman said that this drastic measure needed to be taken for the safety of the entire plane, as the Asian fruit’s overwhelming smell could overcome the other personnel and endanger the flight.

“We can’t have our pilots or other staff suffocating just because Mr Obama says ‘Hi’ to them. A couple of his security details had to be taken to the emergency room just now when he flashed his grin at the crowd before we left the hotel,” said a spokesperson who declined to be named.

“So, unless POTUS is willing to spend the entire flight to Manila wearing a biohazard suit, we simply cannot allow him on the plane. No way.”

Obama reportedly overpaid for his Mao Shan Wang durians as he did not have spare ringgit on hand, and paid in US dollars instead.



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