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Media analysts confident M’sia can successfully sue reporters for false reports

Posted on 02 April 2014

If cases are heard in Malaysia courts.


The Malaysian government said Tuesday it was compiling “false” media reports over the MH370 crisis and, in their infinite wisdom, are considering filing lawsuits.

On his Twitter feed, Transport and Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the attorney general of Malaysia had been instructed to “compile evidence and advise” on possible legal action.

Which means American, Singaporean and Australian media, among plenty others, can be sued in an imaginary international court of law, perhaps.

Media analysts paying attention to the saga, however, have come out to say that Malaysia has a very strong case moving forward suing all errant reporters and media organisations.

One media analyst, Shang Fa Ting, said Malaysia’s case is clear-cut: “There is no doubt that the Malaysian government can successfully and confidently sue all the reporters who wrote articles they deem false and win compensation — if the cases are heard in Malaysia courts.”

“And then, not only will the reporters be sued, the Malaysia government can even find all reporters guilty of sodomy.”

However, even clear-cut cases have an Achilles’ heel.

Self-styled political pundit and world renowned international relations expert, Eric de Yaya, said: “The news community is watching this case very closely because the Malaysia government might come out again a few weeks’ down the road to say that the threat to sue did not happen and is inaccurate.”

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