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The Lego Movie wildly popular in S’pore as its totalitarian premise resonates with locals

Posted on 01 March 2014

Singaporeans identify with many elements in the movie, such as utopia-building and President Business.


The Lego Movie is making a big splash at the Singapore box office as it is pulling in millions of dollars.

Given an innocuous G (General) rating here, which means anyone of any age can watch it, the movie has subversively allowed Singaporeans to recognise numerous premises, themes and characters that are similar to real life in this tightly-controlled island-state.

Resonating most with local audiences are the characters in the movie.

Zho Zeng Hu, a local, said: “President Business is like Lee Kuan Yew. He wants to control everything, focus on orderliness, capitalism and instilling an overarching apparatus of conformity and stifle everyone’s creativity because there is only one way to do things.”

“Even leisure and the private space are transformed into rule-abiding commodities.”

The protagonist of the movie also holds dear to audiences.

Mei Chuan Yi, another Singaporean, said: “A lot of Singaporeans are like Emmet, the everyman who is nothing better than a cog in the machine.”

“But the movie concludes well because Emmet is only able to achieve so much more in the end because he unleashes his innate creativity, which is what Singaporeans should do.”

The movie’s soundtrack also prompted consciousness-raising among Singaporeans.

Mei Yi Shi, a local, said: “The Everything Is Awesome!!! song in the movie is like all national patriotic songs Singaporeans sing. They are nothing but endless loops of feel-good sloganeering to make the best out of the dreariness.”

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