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S’poreans wish Indonesian lady naval officer would terrorise them instead

Posted on 21 March 2014

Terrorise. Me. Slowly.



Two Indonesian soldiers did cosplay at the Jakarta International Defence Dialogue (JIDD) exhibition Wednesday causing bilateral ties between Singapore and Indonesia to sour again.

The two marines showed up as terrorist bombers wearing name badges that read Usman and Harun, who are two Indonesian marines who tore a new one at MacDonald House in Singapore nearly 50 years ago.

Singaporeans who saw the photo of the two soldiers said they were shocked by the image.

Locals said they would rather the female Indonesian naval officer standing beside the cosplayers to terrorise Singaporeans instead.

One Singaporean, Chiang Jian Fan, said: “I want her to tie me up and hit me. Terrorise me slowly.”

“I want her to hold me captive and subject me to her evil designs.”

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  • Abu Ikan Bakar

    In this world, there are two kinds of countries:

    1. Countries that people want to bomb.

    2. Countries that nobody cares to bomb (nobody outside of those countries, anyway).

    Bomb yourselves, Indo. Do more self-Marriots.