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S’porean 1980s babies who grew up playing Tetris have become professional brick layers

Posted on 29 March 2014

New research finds conclusive proof of link between video games and behaviour.


New research published in Singapore today has found the most conclusive link ever between playing video games and behaviour.

One study, in particular, found that playing violent video games like Grand Theft Auto will cause children to grow up to murder prostitutes and drive getaway cars.

However, more conclusively, researchers have found that children, who used to play Tetris or Brick Game while growing up in the early 1990s, were more likely to become professional brick layers.

The lead researcher of the study, Qiang Jian Fan, said: “There is no doubt that Singapore’s current excess of local bricklayers is a result of playing Tetris and Brick Game last time.”


Researchers also found that children who grew up playing Minesweeper during their formative years in the 1990s, where players try to avoid clicking on a grid that is a mine causing you to lose your game, have ended up working in the civil service and government sector.

The co-researcher of the study, Wan Dian Nao, explained the link: “Working in the civil service or in government is like playing Minesweeper. You try to avoid doing things that will cause you to lose your job.”

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