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SMRT receives good publicity as man shows train to be not overcrowded

Posted on 16 March 2014

Ample personal space, respect for privacy are hallmarks of First World transportation.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who enjoy taking public transport because cars are for rich people, are heartily congratulating train operator SMRT for receiving good publicity.

This after a picture showing a SMRT train to be comfortably empty during peak hour made the rounds online.

One Singaporean, Boh Cheng Sah, said: “This is a good campaign for SMRT. Contrary to the multitudes of complaints regarding how overcrowded trains are in Singapore, this photo shows exactly how conducive the public transport environment really is and the ample space for passengers is a good testimony for Singapore’s world class transport rail system.”

Other locals have also praised the train etiquette of the commuters.

Mai Keh Poh, another local, said: “Singaporeans are becoming more gracious as a society. Previously, they were seen giving up their seats for a pair of conjoined twins, and now, they provide a homely environment that encourages uninterrupted rest.”

“And some Singaporeans can also be seen to be very determined, not giving up their seats no matter what the circumstances.”

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