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SAFRA releases new gym ad targeting men, undoes sexism of previous ad

Posted on 11 March 2014

New ad tries to be politically correct, shows a man of minority race working out instead of a Chinese woman.


After receiving death threats and some complaints from some quarters regarding its previous gym advertisement that portrayed two men mentally raping a woman, SAFRA has come up with a new ad.

The new gym ad aims to undo the damage done by the previous ad that objectified the woman as a piece of meat.

For the new ad, a male model of minority race was chosen as it is more politically correct than using a Chinese woman as a model.

A SAFRA spokesman, Tong Xing Lian, said: “This ad is appropriate because we managed to get rid of the sexism of men ogling at a woman. Now it shows men ogling at a man, because SAFRA is a man’s organisation.”

“In NS, everybody is a man and it is all about men. Men shower with men, men sleep with men and men are taught how to die for other men.”

“This is the SAFRA spirit.”

At press time, SAFRA said they have received a call from one Lawrence Khong of FCBC.


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