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Rainwater in S’pore the past two days tasted like coconut juice

Posted on 18 March 2014

Singaporeans say they have an inkling why that might be so.


Singaporeans are rejoicing as torrential downpour the last two days washed away a month-long dry spell.

However, locals have noticed that the rainwater tasted disconcertingly like coconut juice.

One local, Mak Cik, said: “I used the water from the tap to cook rice and when the rice is cook, the taste quite lemak sia.”

“And then I use the water to boil soup, and then got a bit of the curry and tom yam sensation.”

Not that they don’t have an inkling why coconut juice might have fallen on Singapore.

Bomohs in Kuala Lumpur, who were casting spells to located the missing MH370 plance, have since been credited for bringing the rain to Singapore by accident.


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