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Perth says she will not take in Jesslyn Tan

Posted on 23 March 2014

No more from Singapore, they say.


Perth, the place of refuge in Australia for some dysfunctional people previously from Singapore, has written a notice saying she will not be accepting any more applicants from this country.

This after Indranee Rajah, a PAP MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, opportunistically wrote on Facebook that we must support the man wearing a holey t-shirt who was made fun of by former Miss Singapore Universe finalist, Jesslyn Tan.

Jesslyn had taken a photo of the man and posted it on Facebook on March 18 with the caption: “Holey Moley. Sibei trendy worzxxz”.

She apologised the following day.

Indranee’s support for the man three days after the apology has been naturally construed as the go-ahead for another round of open-ended attack on Jesslyn by the people of the Internet.

Perth, concerned by the re-ignited flaming, has written a notice to say that her state’s borders are shut.

The notice read: “We have taken in enough of your kind of people from Singapore already. No more.”


This is what people thought of Jesslyn Tan and her finalist friends:
Super bastard comments trolling Miss Singapore Universe 2013 finalists

And these are the women you will never be able to date:
Miss Singapore Universe 1998 to 2012: 15 years of winners

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  • Lee Fotas

    I believe the MP didn’t ‘opportunistically’ wrote about it.

    • Dickson

      I see myself as a political moderate and we should give credit where it is due. I think Ms Rajah had a social media PR #EPICWIN! 33,300 Likes, 6,500 shares and counting!

      Ms Rajah did not write about her work at Meet-the-People Sessions,
      Parliament, Ministry of Law nor Ministry of Education. Her post was
      about understanding a resident’s life. It was about empathising with a
      resident’s plight. It was about encouraging a family member. It was
      about exercising care in what we say of others online. Above all, it was about why people like Ms Rajah work in politics and how politics should work for people like Mr Koh. Her post also demonstrates how storytelling can be powerful tool to engage the citizenry and online media can be a double edged sword in PAP’s interest.

      • No Name

        Some ppl like PAP’s MP fb not because they like them but more like because they want to see wat they post.

  • Raro Leow Ph

    Attitude make appearance. Shameful.

  • Zhenna

    “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep”, having true beauty [i.e. a beautiful heart] goes much deeper than the skin.

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  • Kiasubeng

    Wah lao eh! Beauty? Sg no more girls already meh? Si beh like sai, le…

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  • Blab Blab

    Indeed shameful to singaporean.

  • Dbk

    Just because she made one mistake does not mean she need to be condemn by any others. She may be at fault but has an apology not been said? It’s not a big deal. Move on.

  • nomore

    Agreed. I’m from Perth and I think that we’ve had enough of idiots running here after doing stupid stuff.

    • Vto Pap

      U r not called Down Under for nothing. DU has been a dumping ground for rapists, murderers, robbers, psychopaths and many other ex-convicts since the 1800’s. So a few more make no different. Solve in-breeding!

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