Motorcyclists thank govt for phasing out 65-cent parking coupon

Posted on 10 March 2014

Electronic Parking System will make them more honest people, they say.


Motorcyclists from all walks of life are weeping for joy and thanking the authorities.

This after news broke that more and more Housing Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) car parks will do away with 65-cent coupon parking and implement electronic parking systems instead.

Parking rates for motorcycles will become one cent per minute, instead of at a flat rate of 65 cents for every 12 hours.

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said in parliament on Monday that such a move will be of “practical help to the lower income, particularly those who work hard to better their lives”.

One motorcyclist, Hua Moh Toh, said: “Thank you Singapore government for making me more of an honest person by installing electronic parking system.”

“I used to use one 65-cent coupon the whole day, now I pay more for every minute I enter and exit different car parks.”

“This also helps to make me a more hardworking person by forcing me pay more so I got to work more to earn enough.”

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  • Rapheal Azrin

    Such a 100% increase.,.
    65c per day and compared to $7.20

  • shahmi

    Tbh. There’s one simple solution to solve the needs. They can just change the system and give a complementary card to the delivery companies so that only they can get special price. In that way , we will not be affected. I’m sure there on more normal rider then delivery riders.

  • Tong

    ok seriously, is this article suppose to be a joke, come on, seriously

  • Zainal Slowheel

    I do not believe that every motor cyclist would thank the government for charging them more for their parking fees. Stop patting your back and convince us that you’ve done us a favor. I’m a motor cyclist myself and do not agree that this will help to lower the cost of despatch rider, but instead it will increase their revenue.

  • your mother

    Come on since when we ever thanks the gov…. we only thank them for making our life more hard .. all on the rise, housing,ttransportatin, cost of living … and now this .. stupid.. when is gonna be enough…

  • Stanley Ho

    They make more ppl steal cash card.