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MH370 news: Channel News Asia headline FAIL

Posted on 08 March 2014

Not sure if trolling, but most likely stupid.

Channel News Asia has uploaded a news piece on Facebook about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370:



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  • singlishcrusader

    There’s actually no problem with the headline, its just an awkward contraction to fit headline word counts. Any misreading would be resultant of us Singaporeans’ lowered English standards. It obviously means “Minister (speaking) on” incidents and reactions related to the flight, because if he was on the flight, it would say “Minister was on flight …”. Its basic tenses and prepositions. Why turn a tragedy into a reason to mock people?

  • reporterdude

    mate, i work in the newsroom and i can tell you any decent editor wouldn’t let such a basic error go. the rules of grammar go “he/she is on the bus/train.” so this isn’t a case of an awkward contraction. besides, this headline had slight more than half of the standard 65 characters in wire headlines which means someone got lazy and took the easy way out.

    one more thing: check out the disclaimer of the website before you pass judgement.

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