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Earth Hour participants throw rubbish on the floor to see how fast it biodegrades

Posted on 31 March 2014

They defend their actions by saying this is “For science”.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Participants at Earth Hour outside Marina Bay Sands on March 29 were so immersed in the planet-saving spirit they carried out their own science experiment about carbon footprint.

The participants took turns to throw rubbish on the floor in a bid to find out how long it takes before the refuse biodegrades.

One participant, Diu La Ji, said: “We throw the rubbish on the floor to check how fast they break down and return to the Earth.”

“This is a feasibility study to test the effects of rubbish and because carbon footprint.”

Other Singaporeans who witnessed the experiment were very excited that participants were using science that they did not do anything to stop it.

One local, Jiang Dao Li, said: “Anyway, even if the rubbish doesn’t biodegrade fast enough, there is always a cleaner to clean it up also.”

“If we clean it up ourselves, it will deprive other people of jobs.”

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