Ah Boy Goes To DB: Jack Neo’s third installation of army-themed movie franchise

Posted on 14 March 2014

Based on a true story about a boy who forgot to give a f%#k.


Director Jack Neo will be shooting the third installation of his Ah Boys To Men movie franchise. It will be called Ah Boy Goes to DB.

The movie will be based on a true story revolving around the life of one full-time national serviceman who forgot to give a f%#k in his two years of serving National Service.

Bo Cheng Hu, the NSF, was well-known for his antics.

On the first day, during swearing-in and the reciting of the pledge of allegiance, he pretended to recite along but was farting out loud all along. He later claimed to be a Jehovah Witness.

When Bo was undergoing hand grenade training, he brought the grenade home.

During area cleaning, he went to the canteen.

And when he was doing route march, he lost his rifle by throwing it into a forested area.

More recently, he walked into the Aware annual general meeting singing Purple Light at the top of his lungs.

Film analysts are predicting the movie will gross $10 million locally, as it will be full of gritty realism.

Kan Dian Ying, a movie-goer, said: “This movie should be made into a musical.”

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