S’poreans shocked deputy prime minister doesn’t know history of Konfrontasi by hard

Posted on 17 February 2014

Teo Chee Hean claimed that he “learnt a lot” from watching Channel News Asia documentary.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying levels of general knowledge are in a state of shock.

This after they read a Facebook update by deputy prime minister Teo Chee Hean saying he “learnt a lot” from watching Channel NewsAsia‘s documentary, Days of Rage: Konfrontasi.

They expressed their disappointment that the deputy prime minister doesn’t know these things by hard and has to learn about a pivotal aspect of Singapore’s violent nation-building history only this late in his life now.

One Singaporean, Zhen Chong Ming, said: “I can’t believe our deputy prime minister only learnt about the historical facts of Konfrontasi only now. Shouldn’t he be privy to all the details considering that he is running this country?”

“Why is he learning a lot only now from watch a CNA programme? This is disturbing.”

At press time, it is unclear how many members of parliament have also learnt a lot from the CNA documentary or missed it completely, which means they learnt nothing.

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  • idioms

    ‘know by heart’?

  • The Wrath Of Grapes

    Writer obviously does not know his Engrish. Or Singlish. Next, he will claim to mean by hard is in “hard truths”.

  • Martin Ferrao

    Which 50% is this? The former or the latter? So is it half hard or half heart? I am half confused! But I fully assert that DPM Big Nose Stinky Mouth is 100% pinoCHTeo! BTW he is my MP but has been missing every MTP session, almost like LKY at TP MTP sessions!