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Minimising air con use in schools an insult to Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy

Posted on 03 February 2014

Air conditioning, touted as the greatest invention by Lee Kuan Yew, will remain at full blast in top schools.


Many top students from independent schools in Singapore are refusing to sweat it out for grades, literally.

This is after these schools have had their funding cut and politely demanded under a new directive by the authorities to use fans and natural ventilation and turn the air-con off.

However, the students, all poster boys and girls of super tonic Brands Essence of Chicken, told New Nation that the air con will stay on regardless.

Secondary two student, Jin Jiat Juah said: “According to a study from a prestigious institution like my school, grades and temperature are inversely proportionate. If Lee Kuan Yew had to work without air conditioning, he would have gone nowhere with his ideas and we will still be Malaysians today.”

His twin brother, Jin Kang Kor agreed: “This is indeed worrying for top students like us. If we turned the air conditioning off, we might as well work in the palm oil plantation.”

When contacted, air-con analysts Tan Bo Jiak said air-con contractors are not bothered by any moves to eradicate air-conditioning as air cons have been explicitly endorsed: “This is Singapore, also known as air-con nation. Cannot run away from air-con one.”

“Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew said air-con is mankind’s greatest invention. Surely the greatest invention must be kept running in Singapore’s greatest schools in his memory or else risk insulting his legacy?”

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