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Man really didn’t get anything for his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

Posted on 15 February 2014

He actually believed his girlfriend when she said she didn’t want anything.


A woman was increasingly visibly upset with her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day on Friday.

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This occurred after he really didn’t buy her anything for the occasion because he really believed her when she said she didn’t want anything the week before.

Zhen Yuan Wang, the boyfriend, said: “I really had no idea what she said is not what she meant. She said to me a week before Valentine’s Day she didn’t want anything? So what was I supposed to believe?”

“Some days she said she didn’t want to have sex and she really meant it during those times.”

Other men who are familiar with this situation can only shake their heads and offer their condolences.

Hong Kan Leow, a man who had the same thing happen to him last year, said: “I was very excited at first because I thought my girlfriend was different.”

“But I guess that’s the price you pay for thinking like a normal man.”

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  • Anonymous

    Ironically his name in chinese is 真冤枉….

    • abc

      u must be a genius to realize that.

  • :D

    Fake article!!

  • abcde

    the other man’s name is also fake, which says “hong kan liao aka siao liao or die liao”

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      newnation – 50% real news?

      Were you asleep?