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Poor S’poreans apologise to rich white guy

Posted on 20 January 2014

“We are very, very sorry.”


Singaporeans from all walks of life are apologising profusely to a rich white guy.

This after the rich white guy had to take the MRT train with his son and was exposed to foul smells emanating from poor people surrounding him on the public transport.

One local, See Baey Chao, said: “Singaporeans are very sorry the rich white guy has to stay in Singapore.”

“Because if you are really rich and successful, you actually stay in the Bahamas. And not have to work.”

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  • Ben

    Sometimes I wonder how they manage to get employment here, or actually anywhere in the world with a mental age of probably 5 at most. I bet his child is more intelligent than him.

    • Vto Pap

      Pity the child!

    • Chin

      I’d imagine he’s pretty intelligent- he’s just not very nice. You don’t need to be a nice person to get a job and succeed at it

      People like that exist since the dawn of time. Welcome to society

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  • JustaHuman

    Don’t feel good to be treated like you treat others in your country just because you think you’re above them..

  • Curious Malaysian

    What is FFS stand for?

    • JustaHuman

      FFS = For F**k Sake
      It’s a retarded thing people are saying now a days..

      • Chin

        Now a days people are too retarded to write English.

        For fuck’s sake, it’s ‘nowadays’

  • Curious Malaysian

    And we can see those white banks in Singapore really look down upon Singaporeans and Singapore. A white woman who was working for a mega-corp in USA, was sacked just because she tweeted she was on her way to Africa and worries about AIDS situation in Africa. Do we see any PR rescue plan from his bank? NO! The bank that employs just know nothing about this.

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  • Baldur

    The only thing singaporeans should apologise for is that they allowed such ape and his goblin son to come to Singapore in the first place.

  • Megan

    I remember long ago a rich Sporean man who also treated his maid with difference……….she had to wear gloves to cook and wear the house sleepers inside his room….as he considered maids unclean………so how……it is the mentality of the rich……and the silly (not practicing cleanliness) behaviour of SOME people…………who are to be blame!