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George Orwell fights citizen journalism – late author’s ectoplasm photobombs Stomp!

Posted on 08 January 2014

By Max Arumugam

photobomb conjured from Stomp website

photobomb conjured from Stomp website

It is speculated that the departed author, horrified by the spectre of totalitarian control exercised by Stompers, has emerged from the netherworld to combat citizen journalism.

Stompers have been in the lowlight recently over media exposures widely perceived as an attempt to control free speech, thought, behavior and the freedom to pick boogers in public.

This has apparently incurred the ire of the ghostwriter, known for his polemic against all things totalitarian, including total football.

Drawing a parallel between the author’s distopian novel 1984 and the social media scene, Eric de Yaya, a self-styled literary critic, commented: “the confluence of free speech, kaypoism and the internet of things has created a state of tyranny by democracy in Singapore. Citizen journalism has perverted our freedom to express ourselves into the freedom to oppress ourselves”.

The photobombing wraith has spawned a counterStomp movement coalescing around the hashtag #freemyboogers. The hashtag has drawn a range of responses, leading one netizen to tweet her experience: “It’s not safe to wear a sleeveless blouse in the MRT these days. I commute in fear of some pervert waiting to Stomp me holding the rail – its the pits, really!”

The ectoplasm could not be summoned for comment.

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