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S’poreans impressed Downtown Line only broke down three times in a week

Posted on 28 December 2013

They got to enjoy scenic view of underbelly of Downtown Line.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life who cannot afford to buy a car are thanking the authorities.

This after the Downtown Line broke down for the third time in a week after it opened on Dec. 22.

Although it has been widely reported that the Downtown Line is currently down again for the second time, the fact is that it had broken down on Thursday afternoon for about 25 minutes, but the matter was not reported in the media and it was all hush-hush.

So today’s break down is, in fact, the third time.

But this has only made Singaporeans optimistic.

One local, See Baey Xian, said: “I am glad the Downtown Line is spoilt for the third time in a week. Imagine it breaks down seven or even eight times?”

Another Singaporean, Kan Fong Jing, said: “I am thankful for being given this opportunity to walk in the underbelly of the Downtown Line. It is a rare experience.”





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