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S’pore declares physical casinos more desirable than online gambling

Posted on 01 December 2013

Because the government does not know how to gain a foothold on the online gambling revenue.


Singapore has declared that its current two physical casinos are more desirable than online gambling.

This after the city-state is clamping down on online gambling by declaring it illegal and unsafe for Singaporeans to engage in.

A casino expert, Kee Puah Kiao explained: “Online gambling is bad because none of that money goes to the government. Essentially, the government cannot even collect $100 entrance fee if Singaporeans gamble online.”

Other Singaporeans, however, are sympathetic to the government’s perspective that online gambling is not good.

Chua Dai Di, a local said: “The Singapore government is already controlling who Singaporeans marry, what they eat, what jobs they do, what kind of house they buy, whether they should own a car, how many children to have et cetera et cetera.”

“So why can’t the government control where you want to lose your money?”

“Therefore, if Singaporeans willingly give their money to online gambling sites, it is illegal, a sin and a no no. But if Singaporeans willingly give their money to Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, then it is socially acceptable and encouraged.”

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