Run-of-the-mill S’poreans pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

Posted on 07 December 2013

They are sure they know what they are talking about when they talk about Nelson Mandela.


Ordinary Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying levels of intelligence are paying tribute to the late great Nelson Mandela a day after his passing.

Plenty of them interviewed by New Nation talked about the many legendary and positive ways Nelson Mandela impacted their lives indirectly.

One Singaporean, Mei You Nao, said: “Through his actions, Nelson Mandela taught me that Africa can actually be such a great country.”

Other Singaporeans played up their tribute by talking about Nelson Mandela’s character.

Sheng Jin Bing, a local, said: “It is a pity that he was sent to prison for so long, only for people to discover that he was such a good man.”

“He could have made more of a greater difference in society, if he had spent lesser time behind bars.”

Another Singaporean, Oh Tah Ku, who considers himself to be one of the biggest Nelson Mandela fans in Singapore, said: “Nelson Mandela is an example of how anyone can be great and inspire other people, regardless of race and past criminal convictions.”

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  • Kahlil Stultz

    At least you didn’t go on about how much of a communist, terrorist, corrupt criminal Nelson Mandela was like your friend Belmont.