Random people wear checked shirts in Little India to fool mainstream media

Posted on 14 December 2013

About several thousand showed up in same kind of shirt to campaign against racism.

Several thousand people showed up in Little India today in checked shirts in a bid to fool the mainstream media into thinking that they are the real Little India riot hero.

This after Channel News Asia and The Straits Times made a hash out of their reporting last evening by proclaiming some random person wearing a checked shirt as the Little India riot hero who was caught on video deterring a dustbin-tossing crowd.

However, as the media has not apologise for their erroneous reporting, normal people on the street are sticking it to them.

One random person in a checked shirt, who wanted to be known as Little India Riot Hero, said: “The only reason the mainstream media got it wrong is because they think all South Asians look alike.”

“This is a form of racism.”

“So, if they think we are all alike, then we shall all dress alike then. That would show them.”

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