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PM Lee finally realises how packed trains are in S’pore

Posted on 21 December 2013

Expressionless look of disbelief on his face says it all.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Standing cheek by jowl while riding on the Downtown Line this morning, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong finally realised how pack MRT trains can get.

Standing directly behind PM Lee was a man with an arm raised and armpit exposed and standing right in front of him was another man with arm raised and armpit exposed.

This is the reality public transport commuting Singaporeans face daily.

Remarking on the expressionless look of resignation and disbelief on his face, See Baey Xian, one of the people riding the train with him, said: “I’m sure he has never experienced anything like this when he is driven around in his motorcade.”






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  • Wong Tong Kwong

    He was opening the new downtown MRT line. The pic did not show the morning crowd, only him, his people and support and reporters. Show the crowd with him in it, then I believe he has repented otherwise… Show more pics, if not this is poor reporting, PAP propaganda.

    • Rei

      This is a satiric site with satiric news.

    • New Nation

      PAP number 1! We love PM Lee!

      • Wong Tong Kwong

        Sorry everybody for posting wrong comment here. However, anger is still anger. Apologies.

        • Da-da Min

          need not apologize, we do believe in freedom of thoughts n expression, more than our ‘rulers’. cheers!

      • Da-da Min

        12 years too late.

  • The Fact

    Wow,, a great PM he is… I bet PM of other countries would not even do this! We got to really appreciate this man! Singaporeans take things for granted. When things are in their favour, they keep quiet. When things are against their favour, they make noise. Perhaps this is nature of mankind!

    • Johnson

      The Norwegian PM drove round in a cab for a day giving lifts to his countrymen and listened to their ccomplaints about the government.

      • Motor Parts

        Our PM will never do that..

      • Alvin How

        LOL imagine all the rude and proud FT he will be driving around.

      • Assferar

        With Yilvis as the radio DJs? Lol

      • LOL

        you didn’t read the report properly:
        “Jens Stoltenberg goes undercover to hear from ordinary citizens ahead of re-election bid.”

        RE-ELECTION. all politicians are the same lah. regardless of race, language, religion and nationality

    • Tan Yan Ren

      The Proof of the Sincerity and effectiveness is the DELIVERY!!NO ed4elivery YET!!! are you NUTS!!!Dont be a small boy…just a sweet offered to you and that person is a Good man!!!grow up!!!and be a man…with balls…put your full name in the internet!!!

      • DQ

        Give him a chance to get a feel of our daily life n at least our transportation system won’t get worse.

    • SingaporeanGirl

      The Fact is that this article is not even real…

    • dont give a damn

      dont ball licker la and if u arent singaporean dont talk like big fuck to us you are fucking FT make us difficult find job thanks to you offering cheap pay… if you think you are great come do our NS n Reservist who take shit for granted ? take our citizenship and let us protecting you, and yet let you people insulting us?

      • coolkat

        talk so much, why don’t you take up the jobs of the construction workers and cleaners? There are actually jobs that singaporeans can do but because of people like you who wouldn’t want to take the ‘cheap pay’ thats why these jobs are left undone, hence foreigners who don’t mind having ‘cheap pay’ would naturally do the job you despise and what so bad about doing NS? It trains you to have more courage more resilience to face your troubles in life. People like you would definitely need this because you clearly cannot accept the fact that you have to face this kind of obstacles (e.g fitness) all I can say about you – noballs, weak, complain king, typical singaporean. Totally destroyed the image of Singaporeans.

        • jude

          @coolkat: we r not fretting about those jobs u mentioned, we weren’t trained for that. its those PMET positions that we were trained our whole life to do. jobs that will swell up our numbers of middle class. fact that u r ranting about those jobs we hv given up a generations ago, shows that pap’s propaganda works. ps- i m self employed as a photographer, but i too feel the heat as more n more fts r doing it illegally.

          • Das

            Agreed , some of these ft’s does not appreciate all the hard work done by our previous generation singaporean to build these system where now they also come to enjoy . Can we have more humility & professionalism from our ft’s please. Das

    • Mike

      Iran’s President Lives in the most less fortunate place in the Nation, and goes around sweeping cleaning up the streets….ok he is not a PM but still i’ve never seen any president going around town cleaning up places have you?

    • Zulkifli Jabal

      Come on lah … the solution to all this is so glaringly obvious … how can the infrastructure for 3 million people sustain 5 million population?
      He knows how to solve it but it will not help his party to win the next GE 2016…
      Does not need a rocket scientist to figure this out…

    • Hi

      thanks for saying this

    • happygal2011

      We are not denying him of all the effort.
      We are just pointing out facts which he still need to solve and if not for many commuters who had complained loud, I bet he won’t really bothers with doing a ride on a MRT, ultimately, you and your family and friends are benefiting it as well, hence , it is a fair deal

    • Daryl Bay

      U sure? U want article of uraguay president driving a old car riding am motor cycle to work? U want article of french prime minister riding the train to work? U want article of uraguay president queuing up in hospitals waiting for his turn?

  • i dunt care shit

    He should wear a cap,disguise as an ordinary sporean,commute the mrt or drive a taxi.listen and see what is the problem of being a sporean.just like the undercover doing tis,its just another wayang thingy

    • J

      no matter what he does.. everyone will never be 100% happy

      • Zulkifli Jabal

        I don’t think so… if he wants to do the right thing .. just chase away all the FTs… begin with the Pinoys first

        • Naunce

          Wrong! Statr with all thethe cheena pricks.

          • ZT

            We should keep the FTs, just let them have all those jobs that Singaporeans would not take (e.g Road Sweeper, Toilet Cleaner etc.). And please control their drinking (esp. weekend night). They can be quite a nuisance when drunk.

        • farhan

          Chase away FTs? You want to be road sweeper? Construction labor worker? Waiter? Dish washer? Cleaner? Hotel room attendant? If not, shut the fuck up and grow a brain cell you moron.. pffft…. typical malay

          • slyx

            FT =/= foreign workers

          • teo

            Blame to us sporean la.. gov encourage us give birth and therefore we need FT to support this fast paced city..

          • Zekion Lee

            If the pay is not bordering slavery rates… yes!

          • Val Goh

            Pls lah.. FT not the same as foreign workers. Those in the construction and service industry is doing work. Those PMET competing with us.. well some are questionable…

          • Zulkifli Jabal

            so the not typical Malay can give away your job to Pinoys… very good … even give Pinoys to control HR dept so that they can give all the jobs to their country men…

          • im

            Those u mentioned are FW.What they are talking about are FT !! Got it!! What a shame if u can’t differentiate this simple thing.

          • Bizz

            Why not Farhan!!!….if the minimum pay of $1800? are offered for these kind of jobs. Are you saying it too much for any citizens?

      • ah siang


    • Da-da Min

      just don’t wear pink n i won’t take notice of him,… :)

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  • GeNie Nani

    He shud take the triain at bishan at 7 p.m!

    • Da-da Min

      he should try ANY station during peak hours,
      which r many n not to far in between,
      just like taxis’ surcharges.

  • Nameless

    After 13 years when SMRT was first started, he NOW realised the train is packed. 13 years.

    • JJ

      13, try 20+

    • Averagebum

      Hello, it’s 27 years.

  • You Think He will change?

    He will say .. suck it guys.. one time here and i’m off the hook.

  • alpacaca

    Erm, slow?

    • gunsmoke

      This Fact I guessed will even lick his arse.

  • dardar

    Sure or not ? Is this news real ? Where gt someone so coincidentally called see baey xian de…?

    • S

      This is a parody news site like the Onion!
      See the logo “50% real news”

  • King Nigga IV

    are we ignoring the fact that there’s a person named “see baey sian”

  • Albert Sooquaimeng

    Yes, PM Lee is a good person…this his duty to “Turun-Padang” As the matter of fact every MP or Minister should own a HDB flats and stay there themself to actualize most contemporary position of Rakyat…Then, PAP will secure future Votes.. Maju Singapore!

  • Albert Sooquaimeng

    PAP shall be strong; only when MP or Ministers stay in HDB flats; ride MRT; donate huge portion of their fat salary for “Rakyat” welfare…Zero Car MPs Nation; Saved the Funds for Rakyat’s need… All civil servants are being renumerated according to GDP performance. So, is PM Lee willing to set such Benchmarking??? Everybody is equal: no YP or YAP….in such society!

  • Why downtown line?

    I’m here assuming the downtown line is the least packed among all the other lines in the morning.

  • finathiq

    The photo showed does not match the header. This photo was taken during the opening of the Downtown Line in Dec 2013. Why is Newnation discrediting ltself?

    • Si Bei Sian 2

      50% real news, dude..
      this is one of those troll article. how else could someone have that name ? lol.
      ps: there is a link in the article showing where the picture came from, :d

  • Chris

    Amazing , not many leaders will do that

  • Michelle

    That’s purely speculation that he’s feeling ‘disbelief’, implying he was ignorant of such a thing. Personally I don’t think he looks to be in disbelief at all. What kind of retarded article is this.

  • John Poh Lee Peow

    In conclusion, he has been sleeping for the past 15 years and do not even know what is happening. All ministers are sleeping or pretending not to see. Wasting so much tax payers money. Sick Government.

  • lax

    Many developed nations does same like the way sp mp did. I think its just GREAT!! I am not FT in Singapore, not staying in Singapore either. I just like it.thats all.

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  • singapore citizen

    Halo.. PM ride the train before it was open to public lah.. you aall kena cheated by this photo!! Stupid author!!

  • Reality Check

    The caption of this photo from where its taken from, says ” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hops on the new Downtown Line Stage 1, which opens to the public tomorrow.” which means the train is not crowded, its probably some guards or sorts, :O

  • devilboy

    just a day of ride? do it for at least a month. one day is nothing. and try all lines. not only downtown.

  • Ken Soh

    How can we get him to try taking a bus ride , especially during peak hour and driven by one of those F1 aspire to be driver?

  • lunavin

    trained packed? u shld try hongkong and china and even tokyo.. thats packed.. our is only considered crowded… and only during peak hours la… come on.. seriously everything also complain sia.

  • Eldorado

    I’m glad that he did this, no minister would ‘go through’ or ‘put themselves through’ such an experience to help their citizens as they have bigger and ‘more macro’ things to worry about. Perhaps, PM Lee’s visit to the train station expresses his sincere action of looking into this matter personally ever since numerous breakdowns have happened since two years ago.

    • Da-da Min

      do hope ur comment is written in line with this site’s intentions, purely satirical.

  • Candleheart10

    How about, should suggest all minister take all over public transport to rectified the problem solving on peak period.

  • Check your sources…

    Bullshit. This picture was taken one day before the downtown line opened. Those people around him are his lackeys and security personnel (Click on the source link below the photo and read the caption). Can’t believe people are actually believing everything they’re reading. This is a parody site. Lol

  • Do Re Mi

    Don’t do doesn’t signify he doesn’t, ignore or does not understand. Also like wise, going down to the field does not prove that one understood, emphatize and willing to recognize an issue. It is all the action put into reality that counts. Outcome based and not intention or process based.

  • greteddy

    Interesting report, but is it just me or our PM always had an expressionless face!

    • Da-da Min

      prefer that to want he tried to force out any expression,
      always achieve the constipated look.

  • Melvin Tan

    Frm the pic, not packed enough. At least a shoulder to shoulder every morning frm Monday to friday. 7.30 to 9am!!!

  • Peace

    haiz…. Why ur like that, complain complain complain. Our PM not superman u know. He’s already trying his best and ur are still taking it for granted. Being a leader of millions isn’t easy u know? And WHY must ur categorise a certain race or religion to be all the same? If a certain person of a certain race or religion have a damn bad personality/character, it doesnt mean that whole race is like that. Sure, maybe it’s human nature. But think about it. Anything you type will have its own consequences to bear and it WILL definitely create frictions if people are hurt. Btw, foreign workers and foreign talents are different! I have never seen FTs b4 but I have seen many many compassionate and kind foreign workers! Including construction site workers and janitors. So please! Try to understand a person for who they are and not judge from their cover. Seeing some of my fellow Singaporeans leaving some insensitive comments without thinking, i’m really am quite disappointed in them.

  • ni

    Singaporeans need to suck it up

  • coolkid

    you can see resignation and disbelief on an expressionless look? Dafuq

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  • he should do undercover singapore or send some minister to do that…

  • Joka

    i have to admit
    our prime minister is a genius for not noticing it until now

  • Just saying

    Maybe PM should try to go sim lim square to buy a iPhone6.

  • winnie

    Thats only.the downtown line he took ! And he realised how packed it can be … maybe he should try the forever breakdown red line and green line to see how super packed it can be !
    what is he going to do next ? Increase mrt fare so lesser commuter take train and cycle to work just like what he did to ERP ?
    opps seems like there’s too many bicycle too and the buses are effing packed too ! How ar PM ? Jialat lol

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