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Little India riot proves gravity important for society to function properly

Posted on 25 December 2013

Without it, Singapore will become a topsy-turvy society.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday that the December 8 riot in Little India is a good reminder to people about the importance of a stable society.

PM Lee said the incident, which is the country’s worst riot in 40 years, was a good reminder to people that in a stable society, such incidents can still happen.

Experts that New Nation interviewed said PM Lee’s comments about a stable society most likely referred to the role of gravity being fundamental in maintaining stability, which can also be the cause of riots.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “Imagine if there wasn’t gravity. The rioters will be floating in mid-air, and when they flipped the police car over, they would have sent it hurtling into space.”

“There are, therefore, many lessons to be learnt from the riot. We can point to how a multi-ethnic, harmonious society is necessary, but at the same time, we also need to address the need for physics and fundamental forces like gravitational force.”

“Basically, because, if you want to extrapolate from one riot, anything also can link one.”





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