$1.47b Project Jewel at Changi Airport proof of govt’s democratic socialist leanings

Posted on 28 December 2013

This is exactly what the impoverished would like to have.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with various allergic reactions to opulence are applauding the latest vanity project to be built in Changi Airport in 2014.

This after it was announced that Project Jewel, a complex with state-of-the-art shopping and very shiny things, will cost $1.47 billion to construct.

This large sum of money must have come from somewhere, but it was not elaborated on in Project Jewel’s press release.

However, one Singaporean, Zhen You Fu, said this complex reflects the ruling government’s democratic socialist leanings very well: “Yes, I am sure the less well-off will benefit from this Project Jewel.”

“With so many shiny surfaces to clean, they can be employed here as janitors.”

“This is called the transference of wealth through a trickle-down effect. Because why pamper the poor by giving them money directly when they can actually earn it the hard way?”





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