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Stomp causes S’pore-Burmese bilateral relations to sour

Posted on 25 November 2013

SPH-owned website causing trouble by stirring hatred in society.



Singapore Press Holdings’ Stomp — a nincompoop website that promotes voyeurism — has caused bilateral relations between Singapore and Burma to sour.

This after Stomp published a photo of an NSF drinking water on the MRT submitted by an anonymous coward going by the name of Hopmingu, while questioning if it is appropriate for a human being to be thirsty.

Singaporeans, then became angry with Stomp for being such an idiot, and then hunted down the anonymous coward who submitted the photo.

They identified some Burmese guy as the anonymous Stomper and then went on a rampage and belittled everything Burmese — from their junta to their dictatorship.

However, it turned out, they identified the wrong person.

Sah La Leow, a Singaporean, said the wrong identification has caused Singapore and Burmese bilateral relations to sour and there is only one way to rectify it: “We need to find out who the anonymous Stomp editor is and let him receive the same treatment the Burmese guy received.”





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  • purplepau

    Thank you for writing this to clear this poor guy’s name.

    Must have been such a nightmare for him. Couldn’t have imagined what I’d have done if I were in his shoes. :(