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S’poreans slap forehead as PM Lee threw his dad’s owl out of Istana

Posted on 21 November 2013

Isn’t it obvious owl was looking for Harry, duh?!


Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying levels of belief in magic are slapping their foreheads in disbelief as they cannot believe what just happened.

This after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted on Facebook on Nov. 20 late night saying an owl had flown into the Istana and he got the AVA and Bird Park to arrest the owl and let it out into the wild again.

Her Mai Nee, a local, said while referring to a report earlier this year (screen shot below): “Hello? Why did they let the owl out again? The owl obviously belongs to Harry, right?”

Singaporeans have always known that PM Lee’s father is not a regular muggle like the rest of his countrymen because he managed to outlive the Japanese Occupation, attain double First Class Honours from Cambridge in Law, wrestle independence from the British, defeat the Communists and learn Mandarin when he was already 30 years old among many other things.


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