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S’poreans shocked African dictator’s daughter wants a MDIS master’s degree

Posted on 17 November 2013

Singaporeans guess having money, slaves and gold is not enough in today’s flat world.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying education levels are shocked that the daughter of an African dictator wants a master’s degree from MDIS.

This after President Robert Mugabe, the 89-year-old two-bit tinpot dictator of Zimbabwe, was present at the Raffles City Convention Centre yesterday to witness his 24-year-old daughter’s graduation.

Sha Ren, a Singaporean, said: “Why would the dictator’s daughter want a master’s degree from MDIS when she already has everything, such as your own slaves, gold, sports cars, doctors, army and blood diamonds?”

Mugabe, known for his non-benevolent ways, has been barred from entering many parts of the world. His association with Singapore has always led others to think that we don’t have morals.

However, some Singaporeans felt that Singapore is still smart as we only let MDIS become a scapegoat and bear the brunt of bad press and be ostracised.

Fang Huo, a local graduate, said: “Singapore very smart, we protect NUS, SMU and SIM, our top three universities, from being tainted by association and let MDIS forever be known as the African dictator’s daughter’s university.”





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  • Sarah

    Sha Ren, a Singaporean, said: “Why would the dictator’s daughter want a master’s degree from MDIS when she already has everything, such as your own slaves, gold, sports cars, doctors, army and blood diamonds?”

    Since when were material possessions “everything”?

    And some people are actually interested in developing their mind, to increase in knowledge and further their understanding?

    The “African dictator’s daughter” is her own person with her own personality. If she becomes an outstanding alumni of MDIS, it is because of her words or deeds, maybe her position and title in the future, who and what she is, not because MDIS decides Bona was President Mugabe’s daughter.

    • KC

      That’s why the Singaporean quoted is named “Sha Ren” (Silly person).

      Newnation is part parody. Don’t forget that.

    • KC

      Oops. Correction. Didn’t read the article fully.

      “Sha Ren, a Singaporean, said: “Why would the…””
      “Fang Huo, a local graduate, said: “Singapore very smart…”

      In Chinese, “Sha Ren Fang Huo” or “杀人放火” is a proverb that means “To commit murder and arson” or “to kill and burn/raze”. Hahahaha

      • Sarah

        Hey :) Didn’t notice. Thanks :)

  • Bertil Andersson

    Oh what happened to NTU? You swallowed it?

    • Sarah

      Nobody said it disappeared. Frank meant that NTU lost its prestigious status as the preferred choice when a foreign student who would most likely be accepted anywhere chose SIM over NTU (NUS and SMU).

  • Frank

    So NTU is not local top uni anymore, substituted by SIM. This fuckin makes sense.

  • Jane

    SIM with their half-fuck degrees, same standard as MDIS, PSB.

    • New Nation

      Yes yes…

    • Qazwsx

      You fuxking dipshit cunt. You are self righteous and elitist you cb. People like you deserve to boil in your own blood and hung by your own tendrils.

    • Sarah

      Their courses are drawn up by the universities they represent, and their degrees recognised by employers. And most people – whichever school they eventually apply to, whether government or private – really just want that. A cert. The reason why business and communication courses are so popular. They’re general and applicable in all fields.

      I think it is a good thing

      the school dropout
      graduate with terrible grades
      graduate with good grades but not good enough
      graduate with excellent grades but without a place
      working adult wanting to upgrade
      adult who enjoys learning

      at any age can decide a field of study for themselves and pursue it.

      And really, in the end isn’t what you get out of it what you put into it in the first place?

      You can graduate from NUS, NTU or SMU and then go on to do what somebody who graduated from SIM, MDIS or PSB did. Join a firm. Work to death. Or you can graduate from SIM, MDIS or PSB and then keep teaching yourself, keep training yourself. How far can you go? How high can you aim?

      Abraham Lincoln was self educated and a country lawyer. He didn’t stop there. Went on to be a successful attorney and eventually a politician, with a name forever remembered with the abolishment of slavery. “Because it isn’t where you come from. It’s where you’re going” and “it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop”

  • Qazwsx

    Jane: fuxk you cunt. Elitist , self righteous pussy mother fuxker

  • ozi

    this dirty cunt shouldnt be writing this racist article! talk about your original chinese communist that still rule china, they are more dictators on their people than mugabe in zimbabwe!

    • sol

      er…you do know that newnation is a parody news site right?

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