S’poreans applaud Yaacob Ibrahim’s resolute silence as MSM shit storm brews

Posted on 28 November 2013

His strong, silent, understated leadership style winning over the masses.


Minister of communications and information Yaacob Ibrahim is winning accolades and persistent praise from Singaporeans from all walks of life.

This after the man in charge of the media has not spoken a word about the media, in the wake of Lianhe Wanbao/ AsiaOne’s pu bor kia antics.

One local, Mei Hua Shuo, said: “I think Yaacob Ibrahim is awesome. So much has happened but yet his ability to remain quiet as minister of communications in the middle of a media controversy shows us he is resolute in his belief that the meek shall inherit the earth.”

“This makes him very assertive in a quiet, nondescript way.”

There are also others who see his taciturnity as an advantage.

Gong Jiao Wey, a Singaporean, said: “Because by keeping quiet, Yaacob Ibrahim keeps his opponents in utter suspense as to what his stand is and is better able to flank his adversaries the moment he thinks he has strung a sentence long enough to be uttered audibly.”

“This is a sign of great strategy. Because as long as he is quiet, he can never be wrong.”





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  • Jing Wei

    inaccurate reporting by MSM can endanger lives.

  • JoelCave

    He still hasn’t done anything about STOMP, which is worse than even The Real Singapore. At least TRS you aren’t anonymous when posting comments.