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S’pore govt put up Wanted posters asking for information about The Messiah

Posted on 07 November 2013

Anyone with vital information leading to arrest will get $500 Medisave reward plus $50 deposited to CPF Ordinary account.


In a bid to hunt down the elusive The Messiah hacker asap, the Singapore government is turning to crowdsourcing for clues.

They want to arrest him in the shortest time possible and are dangling rewards to citizens with vital information.

This after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong personally said that he will catch The Messiah with his bare hands and throw him into the Singapore River.

The payoff for a tip-off includes a $500 Medisave reward plus $50 deposited to CPF Ordinary account.

A coast guard spokesperson, Lia Pai Lang, who was in charge of securing Singapore’s coastline the last time to prevent Mas Selamat from escaping, said: “I think the $500 Medisave reward is quite attractive.”

“If your family got hospitalisation, can use the Medisave to pay.”

“And if you look closely, as we suspect The Messiah is Asian, the composite police sketch shows him to have slity eyes.”





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  • Di

    Ahahaha. Bless this site.

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  • Neko Mimi

    reward not enticing enough la….

  • Yaj

    50% fake 50% entertaining

  • Nenek Kau Punya Coli

    Read the header •Newnation 50% real news• & that 50 dollar & 500 reward just give to the orphanage or old folks home, don’t waste time lah monyet.

  • Guest

    reward not enough leh cpf muust top up 1k and medisave 10k

  • fellowsinkie

    even if i know i wont tell chiuuuuuuuu neh ni neh ni poo poo.

  • Richard Douglas

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    • New Nation

      goddamnit Richard Douglas. You need to stop putting up links to sites carrying pics of you having sex with a block of cheese

  • Richard Douglas

    Data The Top 30 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs In The World.

    • New Nation

      Richard Douglas, last warning: Stop putting up links to sites carrying pics of you having sex with a donkey

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  • BueyTaHan

    Goodness! such severe issues only have such insignificant rewards! Our government gotta be more generous.

  • T4nker

    Might as well gahment gimme $5000 into bank account if captured. Then maybe i consider.

  • Haas Cripperz.SG

    Troll :)

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  • Yoyo

    Perhaps ten quick pick system 8 toto entries to the coming Monday draw will do the trick.

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  • Linda Tan

    Haha come on, the reward was not attractive at all lol.

  • Akatsuki18

    Seriously your 550 dollars is not even considered a bounty reward and you want us to tell you shit.. Uncle you can do better than that right.. you want you bank in and let us use la.. you put medisave like maciam we dun have like that or your bloody cpf and medisave just implimented yesterday.. you dun even the welfare of your people in this country and you wan them faithfully bounty hunt for you.. you are tickling seriously.. hahahahaha

    • mike

      don’t believe everything u read to be the truth…yr rant sure seems like yr true feelings..but this site is a 50% fabrication…wh makes it all the more worrying because many readers think the news here are actual truths…chill!

  • abc

    Lol. The spokesperson name call Lia Pai Lang.

  • lolporkchop

    …and 50% of readers trolled.

  • Bryan

    Worst reward ever.

  • bababa

    Wow! A lot of ppl think this is legit? Its even funier than the troll poster itself!

  • wnH iaW Wai2iw

    Lol… from $2 chicken rice to buy loyalty from xiao tams to $500 medisave. Missiah, u r being mocked? The thing is, sg govt declare arrest on missiah, it will be interplate to anonymous as a declaration of war… what will happened when hackers all over the world deside to hack sg govt as a sport?

  • its my real name azfar

    Y nt u give a happy meal as a reward instead. Govt earns big bucks n tats all u cn afford to giv as reward?

  • lia pai lang


    • New Nation

      what gave it away?

  • Nenek Mu Kekasih Ku

    Whats the point giving a reward? Eventually they will take the money back.

  • Scarlett FT

    I knew there was a Mat Selamat link…I was sure that naughty JI bugger was hiding in Wong Kan Seng’s basement, but he turned up in JB.. Maybe this new nemesis is doing the same….. All very confusing….can they get the gurkhas out to search for him too….

  • Anonymous Coward

    Better make sure you have at least 30,000 in your Medisave account and 60,000 in your OA if not the government is going to ask you to top up prior to giving you the “money”.

  • Enki

    For a moment i thought it is a serious news.. Until I realize im laughing already ☺️☺️☺️

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  • Anubis

    Recognize a joke when you see one

  • N

    50000 maybe I consider.. lollol

  • Anonymous1

    maybe $5000000 would be much better