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LTA $90,000 COE Challenge kicks off, 400 S’poreans battle it out

Posted on 02 November 2013

Contestants aim to be the last one standing with hand on Cat B COE paper.


A total of 400 contestants are competing in this year’s inaugural LTA COE Challenge 2013.

Up for grabs is a $90,000 Cat B COE, that is worth 30 months’ salary of the average Singaporean.

The contest, which kicked off this morning at Ngee Ann City’s Civic Plaza, is a purely Singaporean affair.

This is so as Singapore is the only country in the world that issues COEs for car ownership.

The aim of the competition is for contestants to put their hand on oversized COEs. The one last standing will bring it home.

Kia Kah Song, one of the contestants, said he expects the fight for the COE to be brutal and he is mentally preparing himself to be standing for up to a week: “Last week’s Subaru Challenge is considered nothing compared to this. COE is worth so much more even though it is merely $5,000 more than an $85,000 Subaru.”

His rationale is simple to follow: A car is worthless without the COE, but a COE will not be worthless even without a car.

Last week’s Subaru Challenge 2013 ended after 75 hours, with the winner winning a car without the prized COE included.


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