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Local cabbies thank taxi companies for high rentals that push them to excel

Posted on 09 November 2013

Bus drivers also thank their employers for letting them pursue their passion for driving.


It appears Christmas has come early for Singaporean bus and cab drivers.

Two days ago, news broke announcing that the average Singaporean SMRT bus driver is now allowed to earn up to S$3,500 a month, after factoring in overtime and performance incentives.

This allows bus drivers to spend more time driving buses, which they are good at.

Hua Tua Chia, a bus driver said: “Having too much time off to rest is no good because then I’d have to spend money when I go out with family and friends.”

Today, cab drivers too are also assured they can expect a pay raise and make as much as $7,000 a month, doing what they do best.

Tee Ti Huah, a cab driver, said he is assured: “I just need to put in a bit more effort, work day shift, night shift with no breaks in between for 18 hours a day, 30 days in a row.”

“I am very thankful to all the taxi companies for this opportunity to be a taxi driver because I get to work very hard so I can pay rental everyday.”

“I wouldn’t be able to push myself to excel to be such a good taxi driver if rental was lower. I would then have to spend too much time with my family and be a good father instead.”





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    Incoming Fares Increase!!! F*** PAP!!!