AMARE launches official complaint against SMRT’s violent ad against men

Posted on 19 November 2013

Men’s advocacy group says SMRT ad clearly shows a tacit approval of female-perpetrated violence.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Local advocacy group AMARE (Association of Men for Action and Reaction) is launching a formal complaint against SMRT.

This after the public transport operator has been showcasing a subway advertisement for many years that clearly shows an act of violence against men.

The woman in the ad, who has a shoe fetish, is seen beaming with glee at her shoes like Imelda Marcos, while the man behind her is subjugated and suffering in silence.

Akshun Bayday, president of the men’s rights group, said: “It took us men a long time to speak up against this kind of violence because we have over the years been silenced into fear.”

“A lot of this kind of messaging saying violence against men is alright has been normalised to the extent we don’t think twice about it. But not anymore.”

As compensation, AMARE said it does not require monetary payback.

All SMRT needs to do is to put up an ad showcasing a man lying on the couch, channel-surfing while growing fat and not acknowledging calls for him to get up, as a way to undo the damage.





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  • buttermoths

    Yes, let’s all laugh and make shitty satire about how women would prefer it if boys don’t march together and sing about rape. Hilarious!

    • amareisamalewhorse

      well, this choice of ad *is* sexually-discriminating as well.

    • iseechoo

      let me get the cream for your butthurt

    • Keerakun

      hey, you asked for cream ?

    • Guest

      i’ll put some cream up just in case somebody needs it

      • dom

        I see what you did there ^^

    • unaware

      hahaha you’re a joke

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  • woman

    the man might be a sales person in the shop… can be male can be female..
    whats wrong with that?

    • anoy

      i don’t think the sales person would just leave his shop just to carry his customer’s items because she’s too lazy to do it herself

      • deda

        He is not leaving the shop. He is carrying more boxes of shoes TO her to try them on. The background of the MRT is used to imply that MRT is a shopping mall and the lady is shopping, sitting down,t trying on the shoes.
        I honestly though, when I saw the ad, that it was offensive for many reasons… one of which is the stereotypical shoe crazy woman – the second one was the stereotypical Chinese merchant who would sell his grandma’s shoes to this lady if she asked to.

    • blckaapl

      Hahahaha salesperson uses MRT benches! Hahahhahaha!
      Bumb dlonde is bumb.

    • man

      your mum must be so proud of you

  • amare broski

    LOL AMARE this is brilliant

  • teddorky

    The severity of the “Rape my girlfriend” included in the Purple Light lyrics, differs much in scale to a man carrying a bunch of bags for a woman.
    When will people start to understand that it’s not merely gender issues behind this, but the RAPE part? I am gobsmacked to be witnessing such lack of
    common sense behind the writer of this article as well as many comments below.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not about the purple light lyrics, but more about how AWARE has subtly degraded NS guys to uncivilized, rape-loving people through their statement,” we are appalled to know that NS guys are bonding over such misogynistic lyrics.” The use of the word “bonding” conveys a sense that NS guys are uncivilized and/or don’t know better, while AWARE is the great hero that came in to save us all. Such subtle condescension and elitism has sparked off anger in those who’ve read it, even though they might not know exactly what is ticking them off. While one may call it nitpicking on semantics, but a public organization like AWARE should be AWARE ( the irony ) of the consequences of its every word and action. I’m pretty sure most people, have no issue with the action of the lyrics being removed in itself.

      • teddorky

        Well i’m pretty sure most people aren’t as intellectually analytical as you, about the choice of words AWARE used. Most keyboard warriors on the net as well as those mocking the actions of AWARE are doing so much without a cause. When a majority of service personnel are male, the cornucopia of testosterone serves to reproduce itself in daily military/non-military activities within the SAF. Just like how you said AWARE should be aware of its consequence by using its choice of words, NS men, by using such sexually violent lyrics, who are basically looked up to as respectable pillars of the society, should have been aware of the consequence and backlash they would face sooner or later not merely from a women rights organization, but rapists and people against rape.

        • teddorky

          (typo)*but anti-rape activists and people against rape

          • Red

            With regards to the Purple Light marching song, I am sure many of us (men especially) could recall that the lyrics brought up in the issue were not the ones that are originally used nor frequently used. I had read many replies to this issue saying that those lyrics did not exist when they were serving their NS. It just so happened that the lyrics were used by a certain group/platoon/company and it caught the attention of relevant groups and now it was brought to the limelight. My concern is that this whole Purple Light had been generalised too quickly.

            Maybe AWARE should have investigated this matter thoroughly first before taking action. I just feel that the version they are referring to is not the version that has been generally sung.

    • wowreally

      Yes, because I’m sure being raped is a far worse fate than being killed. Does noone notice the line before “Rape my girlfriend” is “KILL THE MAN”?

    • Wiggum Ralph

      apparently kill the man is overlooked. Come on, it’s just a song- do you think 18 year olds are going to be like toddlers and start thinking murder is ok? LOL, womansplainers.

  • Ravindra

    Rape culture versus this? Good job in making a shitty satire.

  • Jerry Tan

    AWARE played this the wrong way. If they were really interested in getting those lyrics removed, they should have started some social media campaign, hashtag nonsense, in explaining why the lyrics are offensive. Let the kids bedek a little in another one of their “causes”. Or perhaps a competition on replacing the lyrics with something just as irreverent, but less offensive.

    Going straight to MINDEF, and demanding an edict that is handed down from the brass to the rank-and file is a sure-fire way to ensure that those lyrics will be sung for generations to come. Like the time my OC banned Oreos in some stupid healthy lifestyle campaign. Not sure why he singled out oreos, nobody was even eating that much oreos in the first place. The next day everyone was bringing a pack -strawberry flavoured, double chocolate, original cream.

    I’m surprised no husband, brother or son of the members of AWARE pointed that out to them.

    • hohopig

      That is provided they even .listen to their husband/son/bf ….ideologue usually does not tolerate other point of views.

    • Simon Van

      The husbands of AWARE members are also women. That explains it.

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