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Workers of Marina Bay Sands thankful union is toothless

Posted on 31 October 2013

MBS workers union is like CPF and HDB.


Employees of Marina Bay Sands are thanking their employers profusely.

This after MBS has agreed to open its doors for a union to offer membership to its workers.

And as part of this sweet deal, MBS has made it clear that collective bargaining and wage negotiations by the union on behalf of its workers are not allowed.

Singaporeans from all walks of life said this is great as workers don’t deserve any rights and are automatons.

Hor Yee Si, a local, said: “Workers are just cogs in a well-oiled machine. If they can negotiate for better deals, they will just end up like the French who talk about 35-hour work weeks and off on Sundays.”

This sentiment is also shared by other Singaporeans who believe unions get in the way of progress.

Hen Ma Fan, a Singaporean, said: “Imagine what if unions perform the tasks that are actually demanded of them. Then this will be the same as how everybody will have money as they can withdraw their CPF savings at one shot.”

“And people can actually own their HDB flats on a freehold basis and not 99 years as it is paid up.”

“Then people will be free and no one will want to work and there won’t be any more economic progress.”





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